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Testimonials to Cafe Connections

A Place of Safety and Serenity

Every time I visit Cafe Connections, I am so very blessed by Ann & Steve’s kindness. It is a wonderful God filled place of safety and serenity. At the present time, I have no means of transportation and I wait at the cafe for my ride. I am continually blessed by the social interaction found here. I also enjoy the great desserts, coffee and tea. I feel I have made life long friends.

Joy H.

In the Midst of the Storm (COVID-19)

Eric is a friend of Cafe Connections and accepted Jesus as his savior through a community Bible study at Cafe Connections. Today (April 5, 2020), he was Baptized at East Pickens Baptist Church.

Cafe Connections are a Positive, Consistent Part of My Life

I write this letter concerning Cafe Connections with much thanks and appreciation. Cafe Connections has been a blessing in my life. I am enrolled in the I.O.P. program at BHSPC next door. I stop by the Cafe Connections before every class and grab a cup of coffee. It is an integral part of my group regiment. I also very much look forward to seeing Miss Ann and Steve. They are always friendly and helpful. It is calming for me to know that there is a place for me to visit that is always a positive, caring, and safe atmosphere. I am in recovery and am rebuilding the wreckage of my past, while being educated to prevent future such lapses. This is an extremely intense and serious time for me that will immensely affect the course and direction of my life. Cafe Connections has become a sanctuary of sorts where I can spend time and gain much peace of mind for my day. I’ve been to two graduation ceremonies for I.O.P. in the past two months, and I love the fact that they are held at Cafe Connections. It’s great to see familiar faces there together during the events. Having some sort of consistency in my life right now is very important. Ann, Steve and Cafe Connections are a positive, consistent part of my life and I am very grateful for them and the time and effort they put into things. Additionally, many thanks for those behind the scenes who are also making it all possible.


Johnny H.

Desserts Remind Us of Our Grandma's

Dear Cafe Connections – I just wanted you to let you know how much this place means to me and so many of my friends and my IOP! You’re a home for us when we might not have one. You’re a home cooked meal when we might not have it. AND, the desserts remind us of our grandma’s. We love you and all you do for us and everything you represent. I’ll never forget you!”

Start Every Day with a Greatful Heart

“I want to write about Cafe Connections. I’ve been coming up here for over 2 years. I’m also homeless, and I usually don’t do the public thing like meeting and talking with people. That kind of thing really makes me nervous. The first person I met was Steve. It took me awhile to realize that this guy was the real deal. He’s like this everyday. Then I met Ann. It took me a little longer to bond with her, but once we got to know each other, we became friends to. I’ve sat back and watched these people, and I just can’t imagine where they get the strength to keep on keeping on. Talk about helping me, I was so lost and confused when I first started coming here. After many hours of talking with Steve & Ann their character started rubbing off on me. Now I try to reach out to others with a helping hand the way they do. I’ve become more aware about things in my life and the bad things are disappearing – slowly. It takes time.

There’s a sign in the cafe that says, “Start every day with a grateful heart”, and everyday I think of this. Through Steve and Ann I’m beginning to see so many things that I want to change about myself and become a better and caring human being. I thank God for meeting Steve & Ann. They are such wonderful people”.

Making the World a Better Place

I thank you for the opportunity of this place. It will change peoples lives for a better future, I think, if they really want it. I’m trying to help any way possible for this communtiy, this world, and even more beyond this world. I think the world can get bigger if we didn’t trash it like we do. I just thank you for this opportunity for me to do better and be better so I can help.

Thanks for everything.

God is Good All the Time!

“God is good all the time! The devil is a liar! Y’all are such a blessing and you are so appreciated. Thank you for your smiling faces. It brings light to my day everytime I come in here”

God is Great!

My name is Joshua and I am a blessed man. I first met Mrs. Ann and Steve of Cafe Connections a few months back when I was in their cafe taking a break from class. Mrs. Ann invited me in to try some of her first-class homemade baked goods. In my opinion her cooking and baking is second-to-none. (I’m sure Steve would agree!)

She is the epitome of Southern Hospitality!

The weeks went by and Mrs. Ann and Steve began to call me by name and show interest and concern with my personal situation. They both have witnessed to me about Jesus Christ and are genuinely concerned about people in general. They both are kind-hearted individuals who walk with Jesus Christ in their lives – and it shows. They are outstanding pillars of this small community and have helped me and my family with a tangible gift and the gift of friendship and trust which, to me, is invaluable and I cherish meeting both of them and know that i may be leaving the state but I know for certain I will see them both in Heaven Someday!

Glory to God and may He continue to bless both of you and all who enter Mrs. Ann and Steve’s cafe.

Sincerely, Joshua

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