God is Great!

My name is Joshua and I am a blessed man. I first met Mrs. Ann and Steve of Cafe Connections a few months back when I was in their cafe taking a break from class. Mrs. Ann invited me in to try some of her first-class homemade baked goods. In my opinion her cooking and baking is second-to-none. (I’m sure Steve would agree!)

She is the epitome of Southern Hospitality!

The weeks went by and Mrs. Ann and Steve began to call me by name and show interest and concern with my personal situation. They both have witnessed to me about Jesus Christ and are genuinely concerned about people in general. They both are kind-hearted individuals who walk with Jesus Christ in their lives – and it shows. They are outstanding pillars of this small community and have helped me and my family with a tangible gift and the gift of friendship and trust which, to me, is invaluable and I cherish meeting both of them and know that i may be leaving the state but I know for certain I will see them both in Heaven Someday!

Glory to God and may He continue to bless both of you and all who enter Mrs. Ann and Steve’s cafe.


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