“Medicine” for My Soul

I will speak frankly from personal experience. I came into Cafe Connections a while back, shaking like a leaf and experiencing a series of panic attacks and confused thoughts as a result of my detox. That is but the tip of the iceberg for alcoholic detox. I am even prone to seizures and strokes during this brief but terrifying period. For me, this typically lasts about a week, a few days less if I’m lucky. The soft classical music, the inviting decor and ambiance, and yes…the chocolate cake was like a type of “medicine” for my soul that day…and the next. Not only did I feel safe and serene there but I felt the Holy Spirit as I sat and meditated and prayed. My conversations with you and Steve sealed the deal. I was so blessed to be there during such a tumultuous time. God Bless you both.  

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