Start every day with a grateful heart

“I want to write about Cafe Connections.  I’ve been coming up here for over 2 years.  I’m also homeless, and I usually don’t do the public thing like meeting and talking with people.  That kind of thing really makes me nervous.  The first person I met was Steve.  It took me awhile to realize that this guy was the real deal.  He’s like this everyday.  Then I met Ann.  It took me a little longer to bond with her, but once we got to know each other, we became friends to.  I’ve sat back and watched these people, and I just can’t imagine where they get the strength to keep on keeping on.  Talk about helping me, I was so lost and confused when I first started coming here.  After many hours of talking with Steve & Ann their character started rubbing off on me.  Now I try to reach out to others with a helping hand the way they do.  I’ve become more aware about things in my life and the bad things are disappearing – slowly.  It takes time.

There’s a sign in the cafe that says, “Start every day with a grateful heart”, and everyday I think of this.  Through Steve and Ann I’m beginning to see so many things that I want to change about myself and become a better and caring human being.  I thank God for meeting Steve & Ann.  They are such wonderful people”.

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