The ministries we supported in 3rd quarter of 2021…

A total of $1,100.00   was donated in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The ministries that we helped in 2nd quarter of 2021…

  • Mission Pre-Born
  • Chosen International

The ministries that we helped in 2nd quarter of 2021 totaled $1,308.00.

The ministries that we helped in 1st quarter of 2021…

  • A donation to Mission Pre-Born was donated to a young family who lost their dad and husband unexpectedly in the amount of $1,451.00

The ministries that we helped in the 4th quarter of 2020 totaling $2,100.00…

  • A surprise Christmas to a waitress
  • Mission Pre-Born

The ministries that we helped in 3rd quarter of 2020 totaling $1,500.00…

  • Given to help a family in need
  • Mission Pre-Born

The ministries that we helped in 2nd quarter of 2020 totaling $1,791.00…

  • Soap Stone Baptist Church – The Liberia Community, anchored by Soapstone Baptist Church, is an enclave of African-American culture and history established in 1865 by freed slaves. Given land in exchange for their labor, these men and women eventually established in northern Pickens County and adjacent Greenville County a community of hundreds of African Americans farmers and laborers. Read more about Soapstone Baptist Church.
  • Mission Pre-Born

The ministries that we helped 1st quarter of 2020…

  • Mission Pre-Born – Because of YOUR generous support, Cafe Connections has been able to save approximately 227 babies from being aborted and have enabled Preborn to share the Gospel with mom’s and dad’s who have walked away from abortion as an alternative, and chosen life instead. For more information about Mission Pre-Born, Click Here
  • Hope Welcome Center in Amarillo, TX – .  We are so excited to be partners with this new ministry.  Hope Welcome Center ministers to the families of those serving their time in the Neal and Clements units in a prison in North Texas.  They are similar to Cafe Connections in that they too are a hospitality ministry.
  • Operation Christmas Child Outreach of East Pickens Baptist Church
  • For a mom diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.  She can no longer work.
  • Art Supplies for (2) gifted clients to encourage them

Some Other Ministries That We Support
  • Shoes 4 Water – The shoes are sold in Kenya on the open market. The money raised go to fund the water projects in Kenya each year. We build water wells, storage water tanks, and filtration systems. Water brings economic opportunity to the poor. Children can go to school and women can grow food instead of walking long distances to collect water. In short, water reduces poverty, increases education and brings security for a long life. We then earn the right to share Jesus with the poor. Shoes 4 Water is based in Greenville, South Carolina.
  • SHINE Soup Kitchen – Meals are offered to anyone who comes through the door, no questions asked. For some, it is the only meal they will receive on any given day; for others, the meals help alleviate difficult decisions, such as whether to pay the energy bill or buy groceries. The SHINE Soup Kitchen is located in Easley, South Carolina.
  • Mercy Multiplied – Mercy Multiplied equips all people to live free and stay free through Jesus Christ. This organization is based in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • The Dream Center – The Dream Center of Pickens County is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been offering assistance to families since May, 2012. A primary focus is a mentoring program for people living in poverty.
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief – When you’ve seen a disaster on the news in the last 50 years, what you may not have seen is the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) volunteers who were already on the scene—and they remained long after news cameras left town. As the third-largest disaster response team in the nation, this network of state-based volunteers teams does more than just clean up; they bring the healing of Christ to those whose lives have been shattered.
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Video Courtesy of North American Mission Board, SBC

Operation Christmas Child

Video Courtesy of Samaritans Purse/Operation Christmas Child