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You Gotta Want it

May 11, 2022 - The TRUTH of the matter is that unless a person has hit rock bottom and is READY to make a change in their life, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do for them, EXCEPT be kind, treat with dignity, and PRAY.
In this type of ministry, do you know how extremely hard that is to do? As much as I want to "fix" things for them, I simply can't. Day after day, I see people moving thru life. No drive, no plans for the future, no desire to be anything more than they currently are. No desire for the things of God. It is both sad and maddening. I KNOW that their ONLY lasting Hope is found in Jesus.
Today, I tried something new. Patty Kerns taught me this years ago 🙂 I asked my friends, "What is your plan for the future? How are you going to achieve those plans. etc" Sometimes we ALL need to ask that question of both ourselves and others. It makes one stop and think, if not but for just a brief second. Maybe it will plant yet another seed in their "lost and wandering" hearts.
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