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Easy, Is Not Best

June 15, 2022 - Easy, is Not Always Best

This morning I was making the homemade frosting for my Chocolate Dream Cake. The cake, with the frosting has 3 cups of Cocoa powder in it. If that wasn't enough chocolate, I sprinkled the top with a good layer of chocolate mini morsels. If you think that you may NEED chocolate, then this is the cake for you 🙂
As I was working my way through the recipe, I asked myself, WHY?? I had some canned frosting in the back, and quite frankly after very little sleep last night, I started to use it. My reasoning was that I am too tired and besides, "they will eat anything" (and they will, and be appreciative), but what does me taking the shortcut really convey to them? Does it reflect that Jesus loves them and that they are worthy and of great value? Or, does it scream, "this is their job and they really don't care. I'm just another project for someone"?

I also thought about my grandchildren, Parker and Cale. They LOVE being treated with trips to play putt-putt, the zoo, to get ice cream and to Wendy's for the millionth time. Steve and I can be totally exhausted, but whenever they are here we always try to do something special with them and for them. Why?? Because they are our grandchildren and we love them more than words can say. Plus, they love being the center of attention and they KNOW that we love them by the extra time spent with them, catering to as many of their wishes as possible.

Our relationship with Jesus is the same. Jesus always goes the extra mile to show His love for us and He let's us know just how special we are to Him. He doesn't have to do that. He could have said to each of us, "I died on the cross for you. Wasn't that enough"? No, Jesus STILL demonstrates His love for us, day in and day out with unexpected blessings and encouragement just when we need it.
Jesus is also bekoning each of us to demonstrate that same love to others that He has placed around us who may not know Him as Savior and Lord.

Yes, canned frosting would have sufficed and it probably would have been much easier. However, is easy always best when you are trying to tell someone about the redeeming love of Jesus Christ? Think about it 🙂
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