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One Day Finally Came

July 23, 2022 - Story time - today we had to go to Sam's and pick up a few things. As we were walking around the store we ran across the fall section of the store. My eyes were immediately drawn to one of those little, antique looking farm trucks that people use to decorate their homes. I have ALWAYS loved them, but to me the cost is way too much for our budget both personally AND for the cafe. I always tell myself that my clients need to eat, more than purchasing another piece of decor. One day, I thought to myself.
We continued on thru the store and we found ourselves on the clearance aisle. I like to say that God winks at me whenever I find a great deal and that He is telling me it's ok to buy whatever it may be I am looking at. Wanna know what God showed me? It was one of those farm trucks that just "happened" to be on clearance. Plus, it dwarfed the small one that I had just drooled over and was actually $3 less!!

You'll probably think I am crazy, but this is what I heard God say to me. "Baby girl. I know that you have always wanted one of these trucks, and I wanted you to have THIS one. So go ahead and get it and use it to glorify me. It's OK".

Just to make sure that I was hearing correctly, I messaged Lynn who leads our decor team, a picture of the truck and asked if she could use it somehow in their Christmas design of the cafe this year. I can always count on her to tell me the truth and she is just as much a "tightwad" as I am. Her text back to me was, "YES"!!!!

Why do I share this little story? Because God knows us so well, and loves us so much that on occasion he likes to take us shopping 🙂 He LOVES to show his love for us in fun and unexpected ways, and he loves to say to us that we are "esteemed and highly favored".

Thank you God for my blessing today. I can't wait to see how our team might use it to bring glory to you. One day FINALLY came!
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