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Cafe Connections are a Positive, Consistent Part of My Life

January 14, 2022 - I write this letter concerning Cafe Connections with much thanks and appreciation. Cafe Connections has been a blessing in my life. I am enrolled in the I.O.P. program at BHSPC next door. I stop by the Cafe Connections before every class and grab a cup of coffee. It is an integral part of my group regiment. I also very much look forward to seeing Miss Ann and Steve. They are always friendly and helpful. It is calming for me to know that there is a place for me to visit that is always a positive, caring, and safe atmosphere. I am in recovery and am rebuilding the wreckage of my past, while being educated to prevent future such lapses. This is an extremely intense and serious time for me that will immensely affect the course and direction of my life. Cafe Connections has become a sanctuary of sorts where I can spend time and gain much peace of mind for my day. I’ve been to two graduation ceremonies for I.O.P. in the past two months, and I love the fact that they are held at Cafe Connections. It’s great to see familiar faces there together during the events. Having some sort of consistency in my life right now is very important. Ann, Steve and Cafe Connections are a positive, consistent part of my life and I am very grateful for them and the time and effort they put into things. Additionally, many thanks for those behind the scenes who are also making it all possible.


Johnny H.
Cafe Connections
Cafe Connections
Cafe Connections
Cafe Connections


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