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February 14, 2022 - This morning I have been walking and praying over the cafe. I have prayed for myself, Steve, my family, for those that will be coming thru the cafe today etc. I have invited Holy Spirit to invade this place.

I decided to sit a spell in this little area and ponder on some things. This painting from the CHOSEN caught my attention. The name of this painting is called, REDEEMED. I needed to be reminded of my redemption thru the blood of Jesus Christ.

Someone needs to hear this today, because I sure did. There is NO sin, NONE, that God cannot redeem you from. Satan and others may try to say otherwise, but Satan is a liar. Recognize his voice and pick up your spiritual weapons and fight back.

"....what the enemy meant for harm, God meant for good, that thru him many will be saved". Gen 50:20
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